Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back to basics

I've decided to put on hold oil painting for some time and go back to basics from academic point of view. I never attended any art school and whenever I paint or draw I always feel "shaky ground" under my feet because of that. May be lack of formal training is not an issue with any other artist, but it's definitely a problem for me. So it is time to go back and build a solid foundation in a traditional way - learn how to draw first and then paint.

There tons of books on drawing available today. Thanks to the Internet you can learn from other people what worked best for them and why.
This is my list of selected books to start with:

- John Asaro: Planes of the Head
- Andrew Loomis: Drawing the Head and Hands
- Andrew Loomis: Figure Drawing for All It's Worth

Note: you can download these books in PDF files for free or any donated amount here

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