Monday, February 16, 2015

Andy Warhol: assignment # 1

Our first assignment for assessment is to create our own work related to the subject of appropriation and repetition. When working on this piece I was thinking about pop stars and how they all feel like coming from some kind of moving assembly line.
To emphasize their template-like story I decided to produce a digital work by simply cutting and pasting faces into the same dress as if it was manufactured by a robot.
I called my work Pop Star Production.

Andy Warhol studies: blotted line technique

Andy Warhol used 'blotted line' technique during his commercial work in 1950s which became his signature style:

As I tried the technique, I quickly learned that it is not as easy as it looks. Very tricky! Too much ink and you end up with a big blot.

 Once you are done with line let it completely dry before coloring...

Andy Warhol studies: rorschach paintings

 My inspiration: Rorschach

From MOMA site: "This painting belongs to a series modeled on the famous "inkblot" test invented by the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach. Whereas the actual test provides ten standardized blots for a patient to decipher, Warhol invented his own, achieved by painting one side of a canvas and then folding it vertically to imprint the other half. Ironically, Warhol originally misinterpreted the clinical process, believing that patients created the inkblots and doctors interpreted them: “I thought that when you went to places like hospitals, they tell you to draw and make the Rorschach Tests. I wish I’d known there was a set.” Because of this misunderstanding, Warhol’s Rorschach series is one of the few in which the artist does not rely on preexisting images."

 Working on my own Rorschach :-)

Andy Warhol course


Started online course 'Warhol' delivered on Coursera by University of Edinburgh. Very engaging, lots of information, friendly crowd from all over the world!

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