Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Red Barn (5" x 7", oil)

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Florin said...

I think this is one of your most worked paintings. I think, however, that your idea came from the trees, and the way the light would reflect from them, mostly in the top right corner. The level of detail is pleasing for the eye, the combination of colors is harmonious.
The painting's subject flows well towards the left side with the level of detail comparable with the first part.
I think those were the fields that really "spoke" to you out of the painting.
However, once you were done with these parts, you seem to have become impatient, probably while working on the barn.
I feel the bottom part of the painting came later and you were trying to finish the painting, without focusing a lot on detailing it.
Because of this, I find a discrepancy between the level of detail between top and bottom part of the painting.
Overall impression is pleasing, but it leaves me with a taste of unfinished work.